Bid Writing FAQs

Bid Writing FAQs from BWS

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Bid Writing FAQs

What is Bid Writing?

Bid writing, also known as tender writing, is the process of creating written documents and responses to bids, requests for proposals (RFPs), or invitations to tender (ITTs) to win contracts, projects, or funding opportunities.

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Why is Bid Writing Important?

Bid Writing is important for a number of reasons:

  • Winning Business Opportunities: Bid writing is crucial for organisations looking to secure contracts, projects, or funding opportunities. It allows them to compete effectively and present their strengths and capabilities to potential clients or funding bodies.
  • Revenue Generation: Winning bids leads to new business opportunities, which, in turn, generates revenue for the organisation. Securing contracts through successful bids can contribute significantly to a company’s financial health and growth.
  • Business Development: Bid writing is a fundamental aspect of business development. It helps organisations expand their client base, enter new markets, and build relationships with clients or partners.
  • Showcasing Expertise: Through bid proposals, organisations can showcase their expertise, experience, and unique strengths. This enables them to position themselves as competent and reliable providers of products or services.
  • Building Credibility: Winning bids enhances an organisation’s credibility and reputation in the market. Successful bids demonstrate that the organisation can deliver on its promises and meet clients’ needs.

Who is Bid Writing For?

Bid Writing is for businesses, non-profits and government agencies who compete to secure contracts, projects and funding from clients or funding bodies.

What is BWS Bid Writing Process?

BWS’ bid writing process covers the complete process.

  1. Client Engagement – Our process begins with thoroughly reviewing your tender documents. You will then be introduced to one of our Lead Bid Writers, who will be the primary contact throughout the process.
  2. Bid Writing – Next, we provide a detailed plan and strategy and a project meeting to understand your business better. Once everything is agreed upon, the bid writing begins.
  3. Bid Review – After the first draft is completed, a full strategic review is led by BWS directors. We will critically assess the bid before sending it to you for approval.
  4. Submission/Debrief – Once all parties are happy with the bid, it is officially signed off, and a debrief will be scheduled.

What are the key aspects of a bid proposal?

A bid proposal’s key aspects usually include an executive summary, company background, project approach, pricing information, relevant experience, and a detailed response to the client’s requirements.

How will BWS help if you do not know our business?

Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of industries, and we will invest significant time with your business to know how your business operates.

Does BWS offer Bid Review services?

Yes, we do! BWS offer three types of bid review services:

  • Review & Comment – We will review compliance, response, structure, USP and added value.
  • Review and Improve – This is a more in-depth review, our experts will review your draft tender whilst commenting/assisting with specific improvements on content and manage the process until completion.
  • Strategy, Review & Improve – A full strategy review means we will be involved from day one of the process. This will allow you to draft responses from our guidelines whilst we support the storyboard and structure of your tender before the draft.

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How do I identify relevant bid opportunities for my organisation?

Identify bid opportunities by monitoring procurement portals, government websites, and industry-specific platforms, and networking with potential clients or partners.

What role does proofreading and editing play in bid writing?

Proofreading and editing ensure a polished, error-free bid that reflects professionalism and attention to detail.

What is the typical timeline for bid writing?

The timeline for bid writing varies depending on the complexity of the bid and the client’s requirements.

How do I ensure my bid stands out from competitors?

To stand out from competitors, clearly demonstrate your unique selling points, previous successful projects, innovative approaches, and a thorough understanding of the client’s needs. BWS will help you stand out with our expert bid services.

How do I address potential risks or challenges in my bid?

Acknowledge potential risks and challenges in your bid and provide strategies to mitigate them. This shows that your organisation is prepared and proactive.

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