How to win Security Tenders in the UK

How to win Security Tenders in the UK

When it comes to bidding for security tenders, having the right partner can make all the difference.

That’s where Bid Writing Services comes in – we are a team of experts in the field of bid writing with a proven track record of securing winning bids for our clients.

This latest guide will explain everything you need to know about winning security tenders in the UK with Bid Writing Services.

A security tender is a formal request for proposals from security service providers, typically by organisations or governments seeking to procure security-related services. These include physical security, cyber security, investigations, risk assessments, and more.

How to win Security Tenders

Winning security tenders can be challenging, especially in the highly competitive security industry.

At Bid Writing Services, we have the experience and expertise to help you secure security contracts by providing you with a winning bid strategy that highlights your strengths and addresses the buyer’s specific needs.

Recruitment and vetting procedures are a critical aspect of any security operation, and it’s essential to have a robust and thorough process in place.

We can help you showcase the effectiveness of your recruitment and vetting procedures, which can give confidence to the buyer that you are committed to providing high-quality security services.

Effective monitoring and supervision of operatives should also be a key focus in your security tender.

BWS can help you demonstrate how you measure and report on performance. Overall, with a particular focus on how your team plays a critical role in maintaining security standards.

Social value is becoming increasingly important across all public sector tenders, especially for security tenders.

We can help you showcase your positive impact on the contract and in the wider community, which can drive efficiencies and cost savings while contributing to the social good.

Innovation is also vital to winning security tenders, and we can help you demonstrate your ability to respond to evolving risks and issues timely and professionally.

BWS can also help you showcase your continuous training programs to highlight your team’s skills and accreditations to be equipped and confident in their approach to security challenges.

What are the different types of Security Tenders?

Key holding & response

Key holding and response involve a security company holding the keys to a client’s property and responding to any alarm activations or emergencies that occur outside of business hours.

This service is particularly important for businesses that operate 24/7 or have valuable assets that require round-the-clock protection.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring is another type of security tender. This involves the remote monitoring of client premises through the use of closed-circuit television cameras.

Trained security personnel monitor the cameras from a central control room and can quickly respond to any suspicious activity or incidents that occur.

Front of House Services/Concierge

Front of house services or concierge services involves the provision of a professional and customer-focused security presence at the entrance to a client’s building.

Security personnel are trained to provide a welcoming and informative service to visitors and staff while also maintaining a secure environment.

Mobile Security

Mobile security involves the provision of security personnel and vehicles that patrol a client’s premises or designated area.

This service can be highly effective for businesses with large outdoor areas or events requiring a mobile security presence.


Event security is another type of tender that is commonly used for large-scale public events, such as music festivals or sporting events.

It involves the provision of security personnel, access control, and the management of crowds to ensure a safe and secure environment for all attendees.


Cyber security is an increasingly important area of security tender, with the rise of cyber threats and data breaches.

Cyber security tenders can involve the provision of IT security services, risk assessments, and vulnerability testing to ensure that client systems are secure from cyber-attacks.

Vacant Property

Vacant property security involves the provision of security services for properties that are unoccupied or undergoing renovation.

Security personnel ensure that the property is secure and free from unauthorised access, vandalism, or theft.

Site/Manned Guarding

Site/manned guarding is a broad category of security tender that involves the provision of security personnel to guard a client’s premises or site.

This can involve access control, surveillance, and the management of any security incidents that occur.

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