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How to Win Waste Management Tenders

Waste Management tenders are amongst the most sought after in the entire country, and it is vital that you perfect your bid to prove you are the best company for the job.

Crafting the Most Effective Waste Management Tender

Corporations from many British industries require some degree of waste management, with needs varying from daily removal to the handling of waste upon completion of large-scale projects.

If you are looking for that little extra help in fine-tuning your waste management tender, and ensure successful adoption of contracts, then look no further than Bid Writing Service.

What does a Waste Management Tender Require?


Bid Writing Service’ first port of call when handling your bid is to give an overview of your exceptional services and previous successes.

One of the most integral aspects of any waste management tender is to capture the spirit of your business on page, so potential clients can easily see why you stand out amongst the competition.

We want to illustrate your experience, culture, and relevant company milestones, as well as your ability to deal with any potential challenges or problems. A successful overview will greatly increase the odds of your success, and we are experts in crafting effective company profiles.

Highlighting Your Speciality

As well as providing an overview of your business, it is important to highlight your chosen specialist areas, and the forms of waste you are most proficient in handling.

From jack-of-all-trades to experts in a singular form of waste, we want to show your ability in dealing with the necessary requirements of any waste management contract.

Drawing from your own information and previous contract examples, Bid Writing Service can adeptly showcase your skills across the sector, and your processes when handling any form of waste management project.

Staffing & Resource

To show your capability for carrying out any waste management responsibilities, you may also be required to provide backgrounds for your management teams. This could include CV’s and staff biographies.

BWS have extensive experience in constructing Management Structure Charts, as well as creating employee narratives, which helps put faces to names and promotes a positive feel for your business.

We would also work to showcase your depth of resource, including all equipment you use across various contracts. By explicitly showing your talent pool and specialist equipment, clients will have no doubt you have both the skills and tools to meet KPI’s and successfully complete your projects.


When handling waste management tenders, we understand that sustainability is the topic currently on everyone’s mind.

Businesses are eager to secure the services of external recyclers and waste removal companies, but with more importance placed on sustainability and environmentalism than ever before, it is crucial to perfect your bid and prove you are the best company for the job.

Having handled hundreds of similar bids, we are more than aware of government policies around recycling, carbon reduction, and the environment.

We can assist you in perfecting your own policies, or writing them from scratch, proving you adhere to or surpass any relevant sustainability quotas.

Social Value

Alongside sustainability, social value is becoming increasingly prominent across waste management tenders, and indeed tenders from all British sectors.

Bid Writing Service have years of experience writing about all manner of social value, including generation of employment opportunities and apprenticeships, community outreach, and equality and diversity.

If you are unsure how you can meet social value criteria, or wish to increase your community output, we will openly share our knowledge and help you gain some potentially invaluable points!

Need Assistance? Get in Touch!

These are just a few examples of the areas and processes a typical waste management tender will ask you to describe.

If you are beginning to find the prospect of writing your tender a little daunting, Bid Writing Service will gladly take charge of the entire process.

Our dedicated team of writers are experts in crafting successful bids from a range of sectors, from healthcare, security, logistics, and of course waste management.

Feel free to contact us for a friendly informal chat about your waste management tender at 07760514645, or online, so we can help you to win more and worry less.   

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