What is Bid Writing?

Are you often searching for the term “what is bid writing?” Bid Writing Services are here to help! If you’re unfamiliar with the term “bid writing”, it can sound like a somewhat cryptic phrase. But in fact, it’s a crucial process that businesses across the United Kingdom engage in when they are looking to win […]

Ultimate Guide to Bid Writing for Healthcare

Bid writing for healthcare tenders requires careful consideration of the organisation’s goals, a clear understanding of the tender requirements, and an eye for detail. It is essential to ensure that all necessary information is included in the bid, as this will help make it stand out from other bidders. Bid Writing Services are experts in […]

How to Write a Bid – The Definitive Do It Yourself Guide

You’ll probably already know this, but to recap, a ‘bid’ is essentially a proposal submitted by you (the contractor, supplier or vendor) in response to a request for tender. This bid’s overarching purpose is to persuade a client or buyer that your organisation is the best fit for their project.  It’s a pretty important skill […]

What Does a Bid Writer Do in 2023?

In today’s competitive business environment, securing contracts and funding can be a challenging task (but an incredibly important one for your business!). That’s where bid writers come in! Bid writers, such as the bid writers at Bid Writing Service, are highly qualified and experienced professionals who specialise in crafting persuasive proposals that win contracts, grants, […]

8 Reasons to Hire Professional Bid Writers

Hiring professional bid writers is a strategic move that can significantly benefit businesses, especially when securing contracts and winning bids. At Bid Writing Services, we provide a reputable bid writing service and flexibility and support to help you win bids. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why hiring professional bid writers is crucial […]

What are the Steps of a Tender Process?

A tender process is a structured process used by organisations worldwide to acquire goods or services. It involves an ‘open call’ for bids from prospective suppliers or contractors, followed by an evaluation of the bids submitted to determine the most suitable supplier. The entire tendering process is designed to ensure transparency and fairness and to […]

How Much Does a Bid Writing Service Cost?

Bid writing services are becoming increasingly popular as companies of all sizes look for ways to improve their chances of winning a tender. This is due, in part, to the ever-increasing competitive nature of the market, the complexity of writing an ITT, and the need for businesses to stand out from the competition during the […]

Where to start when writing bids

Are you stuck when writing bids? Bid Writing Services are here to help! At BWS, we offer a bid management service with the flexibility of involvement to suit your needs! This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about where and how to start writing bids. What is Bid Writing? Bid writing is […]

What are the stages of the tender process?

Are you searching for the stages of a tender process? Bid Writing Service are here to help! At Bid Writing Service, we excel at tender writing with our unique ideas, targeted approach and superb customer service! Typically, there are several stages to a tender process, this blog has been written to provide a basic understanding […]

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