What is bid writing?

If you work in the public sector, or for a private company that offers specific services, then you may have come across the term ‘bid writing’. This way of pitching for and securing public and private sector contracts is incredibly common and is a multi-million-pound sector. Did you know that BWS boasts an impressive success […]

How does Market Research Aid Bid Writing?

Are you preparing for a new tender submission and want to know how important market research is? Bid Writing Services can help! How does Market Research Aid Tender Submissions? Understanding the Market Landscape – To craft a winning tender submission, organisations need to have a deep understanding of the market in which they are competing. […]

How to win Utility Tenders

Utility tenders offer the opportunity to provide essential services to municipalities, government agencies, and private organisations.  Winning these contracts can even help revitalise companies in the energy, water, and infrastructure sectors. However, the process of winning utility tenders is often complex and trying, requiring careful planning, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the industry. […]

How to Win Professional Services Tenders

Bid Writing Service possess extensive experience in the crafting of high-quality professional services tenders, and we are more than familiar with the typical pitfalls and challenges which complicate the process. The competition for securing professional service tenders is incredibly fierce and encompasses a range of services and sectors, making it crucial for potential businesses to […]

How Important are Bid Writers?

Do you want to know how important bid writers are to a tender submission? BWS can help! Securing contracts and projects through competitive bidding is a fundamental way for companies to grow and thrive. However, the tender writing process is complex, demanding, and highly competitive. A well-prepared and compelling tender submission can significantly increase the […]

How to Win Waste Management Tenders

Waste Management tenders are amongst the most sought after in the entire country, and it is vital that you perfect your bid to prove you are the best company for the job. Crafting the Most Effective Waste Management Tender Corporations from many British industries require some degree of waste management, with needs varying from daily […]

Check out our Bid Preparation FAQs

Are you wanting to kick-start your bid preparation journey with Bid Writing Services? Look no further than our Bid Preparation FAQs! BWS are experts in providing quality bid preparation services for businesses or industries looking to construct a tender. This latest blog from BWS will explain everything you need to know about bid preparation with […]

Bid Management FAQs with BWS

Are you searching for bid management FAQs to kick-start your tender writing process? BWS can help! BWS provide expert bid management, bid writing, bid preparation and bid review services across the UK. This latest blog will explain all the frequently asked questions about bid management services at BWS. Bid Management FAQs What is bid management? […]

Bid Writing FAQs from BWS

Do you want to know everything about Bid Writing? You have come to the right place! Bid Writing Services provide complete bid management services for clients, from bid preparation to review. BWS are here to help. This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about Bid Writing from BWS. Bid Writing FAQs What […]

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