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The Ultimate Guide to Bid Writing & Bids

Are you searching for an expert bid writing service? Bid Writing Services (BWS) are here to help!

At BWS, we are here to support you in winning bids.

Check out our ultimate bid writing guide below to excel today!

What is Bid Writing?

Bid writing is a specialised skill that involves creating persuasive proposals, responding to requests for tenders or other invitations to submit a bid, and providing guidance on formulating successful recommendations.

It often requires in-depth knowledge of the specific industry in which the organisation operates and experience crafting compelling bids that increase their chances of winning the contract.

Bid writers play an essential role in helping organisations win new contracts by preparing high-quality documents that show their competency in providing the services requested.

What is our bid writing process? 

See below our process from our first talk to submission!

  • Client Engagement – BWS will review tender documents and provide a quote for you. One of our lead expert bid writers will be allocated and subsequently introduced to you and in direct contact with you during the process.
  • Bid Writing – The next step of the process involves sitting down and discussing a bid plan/project meeting. We’ll begin the process of storyboarding, generating winning themes and USPs.
  • Review and Quality Assurance – Once the bid is written, a complete strategic Director-led review will be performed in-house. This will challenge ourselves to make further improvements. The bid will be further developed and enhanced until it satisfies our quality assurance measures and then sent to you for approval.
  • Submission/Debrief – Finally, once all parties are satisfied with the content of the bid, the bid will be signed off. If required, we can support you with upload and submission, and a debrief will be scheduled.

How are bids assessed?

Bids are assessed through a multi-stage process. First, the bid is preliminarily examined for responsiveness to the formal qualification requirements set out in the invitation for bids.

During this stage, all aspects of the bid are examined to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and any specified technical and quality standards.

The evaluation also includes a financial analysis which assesses whether the bidder has sufficient financial capacity and resources to complete the project on time.

Once all bids have been reviewed for responsiveness and technical compliance, they are evaluated against the price/financial criteria laid out in the invitation for bids.

Why Choose BWS?

Choosing Bid Writing Services for all your bid and tender submissions is an excellent choice for any business.

We have been in the business for many years and use a strategic process to ensure our clients get the best possible results.

Our extensive experience in writing bids for various companies allows us to understand the requirements and needs of each company, allowing us to develop an appropriate strategy tailored to their situation.

At Bid Writing Services, we also provide ongoing support throughout the entire process – from the initial brief to completion.

This means that should you encounter any difficulties along the way, our team of expert writers will be there to advise you on how best to proceed.

BWS takes away a lot of stress and provides peace of mind that your bid or tender submission will be accurate and complete when submitted.

Check out this testimonial below!

“The quality of service from BWS has been superb. We asked for their support to write an important bid on our behalf, and the results have been outstanding.

“BWS took us through a structured, logical approach which enabled us to harness our strengths and help us to understand how we stood out from the crowd.

“This resulted in a bid which was well-written and well-executed. We would definitely recommend.”

JN Civils

The lowest bidder is usually selected at this stage. However, other non-price criteria may be considered if public authorities stipulate them in advance.

This stage may also involve a comparative assessment of bids to determine which offer best meets the contracting authority’s needs.

Finally, once a successful bidder has been selected, they enter into a post-qualification/due diligence process that involves further investigation into their ability to deliver on their commitments and fulfil contract requirements.

This may involve verifying technical qualifications and financial capacity, assessing references from past projects or employers, and any other information deemed necessary to ensure that delivery is satisfactory or beyond expectations.

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