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What Are The Benefits of Using a Tender Writing Company?

Here at Bid Writing Service, we often get asked about the benefits of using a tender writing company.

So we decided it’s probably the right time to write a blog about it!

Tender writing encompasses much more than just writing a winning tender. In this latest Bid Writing Service blog, we’ll discuss how we’ll help you to prepare, write, review and manage the entire lifecycle of your tender bid.

What to expect from a tender writing company like Bid Writing Service

When you hire a tender writing company like Bid Writing Service, you can expect to receive high-quality tender documents.

These documents will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the tender process. 

We are experienced in tender preparation, meaning we can provide advice on which tender documents to include and when, as well as how best to prepare them for submission.

Our team of tender writers have extensive knowledge of bid and tender processes, enabling them to craft persuasive tenders with all relevant information included – tricks of the trade, if you will!

By understanding what language and style is likely to be most appealing for each client’s tender requirements, we can drastically increase the chances of our clients becoming successful in their tender bid. 

This means your tender submission should stand out from the competition and enhance your chances of winning!

One of our primary roles and a significant reason many clients hire a tender writing company is that we aim to make the tender process less daunting and as stress-free as possible! 

We will provide guidance and step-by-step support throughout the tender preparation process. 

This means we can ensure that all tender documents are prepared to the highest standard and error-free. 

Although even the finest writers may require another set of eyes on their work, our team is highly collaborative, and our quality-checking process is second to none.

Let us put in the hard yards for you!

Put simply, a tender writing company, such as Bid Writing Service, can save you time by doing the legwork for you!

We will research the tender requirements thoroughly and use this information to create a tailored tender proposal that meets all of the criteria in the tender document. 

This saves time on preparing tender bids from scratch and gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

As nobody knows your business quite like you, benefits are included for both parties!

By telling us the best bits about your business, we can then use our talents to prepare, write, review and manage the best possible tender.

Putting your business in pole position to win that tender!

Overall, hiring a tender writing company has numerous benefits, including:

  • Access to experienced professionals;
  • Tenders that stand out from the competition! 
  • Assistance with tender preparation;
  • Time-saving;
  • We can make all the difference in winning a tender!

Our tender writing process

Before making a decision on whether to use Bid Writing Service as your tender writing company, let’s take a look at some of our processes:

  • Client Engagement – 

After an initial consultation, our team will thoroughly review your tender documents.

Once this is completed, we’ll then provide a quote. Should this quote be satisfactory, you will be introduced to the Lead Bid Writer assigned to your account.

This team member will be your go-to point of contact throughout your time with Bid Writing Service and the lifecycle of your bid.

  • Time to write!

Now for the fun part! A planning and project meeting will be set up with you where we can agree on a collaborative action plan.

This is your chance to showcase and tell the story of your business, from USPs to company ethos; the more you can provide, the better!

After we’ve received this supporting information from you, we’ll take a gap period to identify our strategy to win you that tender.

The tender writing process will then begin with a first draft produced at an agreed deadline.

  • Proofreading and Quality Checks

Shortly after the completion of a first draft, a Director-led, in-house review will begin as the first stage of our quality checks.

From proofreading and brainstorming sessions on making the quality of your bid even higher, we’ll stop at nothing until we’re satisfied it meets our quality standards.

Once there’s complete agreement, your bid will be whisked on its way to you for review and subsequent approval.

  • Time to submit and debrief!

After our collaborative hard work, now’s the time to saviour as we look to submit, hopefully, the winning bid!

Once signed off by you, we’ll provide full support during the upload phase, with a debrief scheduled afterwards.

Give your tender some added clout!

Finally, tender writing services from Bid Writing Service offer an extra layer of security in the tender process. 

This eliminates many of the risks associated with tackling a tender writing assignment on your own or in-house.

In conclusion, a tender writing company like Bid Writing Service offers many invaluable benefits for businesses looking to submit successful tenders. 

From providing guidance on tender documents to doing the research for you, we simplify the tender process and help you to craft tender submissions that stand head and shoulders above the rest!

Ultimately, we are a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes and can help them to succeed in the tender process.

Contact Bid Writing Service today by calling 07760 514 645, emailing info@bidwritngservice.co.uk or using our online enquiry form here!

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