What Does a Bid Writer Do in 2023?

In today’s competitive business environment, securing contracts and funding can be a challenging task (but an incredibly important one for your business!).

That’s where bid writers come in!

Bid writers, such as the bid writers at Bid Writing Service, are highly qualified and experienced professionals who specialise in crafting persuasive proposals that win contracts, grants, and other business opportunities for their clients.

Whether it’s a government agency looking for a contractor to build a new bridge, a company seeking to win a new client, or a non-profit organisation applying for a grant, bid writers play a critical role in helping their clients stand out from the ever-increasing competition.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the vital work bid writers do, including what bid writing is the responsibilities of a bid writer, the skills and qualifications required, and examples of industries where bid writing is common.

The Role of a Bid Writer

The role of a bid writer is critical in significantly increasing the chances of securing contracts, grants, and other business opportunities.

Bid writers are responsible for researching and analysing the client’s needs.   They must fully understand and appreciate the project’s requirements and develop a comprehensive proposal that meets the client’s needs.

This usually involves collaborating with the ‘bidder’ and other team members such as subject matter experts, project managers, and business development professionals. This ensures that they can develop a sound bid strategy that is commercially viable.

A bid writer must have excellent research and analytical skills to gather information about the project and client requirements.

They also need strong writing skills to articulate their ideas and persuade the client that their proposal best fits the project.

Overall, the role of a bid writer is complex and multifaceted, requiring a broad range of skills and expertise.

Attention to detail is critical, as bid writers must adhere to strict guidelines and requirements, including word counts, formatting, and deadlines.

In addition, bid writers must be able to work well under pressure, as proposals often have tight deadlines and require quick turnarounds.

The Bid Writer’s Qualifications

Becoming a successful bid writer requires a combination of formal education and practical skills.

While there is no set path to becoming a bid writer, many professionals in this field have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as English, Business-related subjects, or Communications.

Additionally, many employers may require a master’s degree or other relevant certifications, such as the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) certification.

Regarding skills, bid writers need to have exceptional writing skills, including the ability to write persuasively, concisely, and clearly.

They must also be able to conduct thorough research and analysis to gather information about the project and client needs.

Attention to detail is essential, as bid writers must adhere to strict guidelines and formatting requirements. They must also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Overall, the most successful bid writers possess a combination of formal education and practical skills, including strong writing and research abilities, attention to detail, communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to work well under pressure.

Working With a Bid Writer

Hiring a good Bid Writer is the first step in significantly improving your chances of securing a tender.

However, your job isn’t over just yet. To really give yourself the best chance of securing that lucrative opportunity, you must work closely with the Bid Writer, keeping lines of communication open and responses quick.

Some of the key difficulties Bid Writers encounter during the writing process are:

  • Limited Time: Many opportunities have tight deadlines. While Bid Writers are very accustomed to this, it’s important you give your Bid Writer any information they need promptly
  • Information Bottlenecks: Many Bid Writers note that gaining the required information can be difficult. It’s important, therefore, that you are open, honest and responsive with your Bid Writer during the tendering process
  • Complex Requirements: There are a lot of industry-specific complexities and jargon associated with the tendering process.   Giving some of your time and working closely with a highly qualified Bid Writer means your specialist industry knowledge and expertise can be utilised effectively within the tendering process.

By providing the correct information to the bid writer in a timely manner, and offering your unique expertise in your given field, the chances of winning a bid increase significantly.

You Should Probably Work With a Bid Writer…

Investing in quality bid writing services can be hugely beneficial for almost all businesses and organisations, helping to maximise your chances of winning the contract and moving the needle of your business in a positive direction.

Have you found the perfect opportunity for your business but are not confident you will produce the bid yourself? You’re not alone.

Almost all businesses think this way. However, many aren’t well versed in the complexities of bid writing and the tendering process, but we are!

Even the largest and most successful businesses, with huge teams of in-house bid writers, still see the value in working with a Bid Writing Service like ours.

At Bid Writing Service, we work with some of the biggest companies in the UK, with many utilising our specialist bid review services.

Bid writing services shouldn’t be seen as a cost but rather an investment – and one that can result in significant profits for your company. By investing a small amount into your bids, you will no doubt set yourself up for future success and growth of your business

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