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Where to start when writing bids

Are you stuck when writing bids? Bid Writing Services are here to help!

At BWS, we offer a bid management service with the flexibility of involvement to suit your needs!

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about where and how to start writing bids.

What is Bid Writing?

Bid writing is creating an effective and compelling proposal to help your organisation or business win a contract.

It involves researching, evaluating, and understanding the needs of potential buyers and crafting documents that adhere to their requirements.

Bid writing is all about communicating effectively; it’s about creating a document that meets the specifications and convinces the client why they should award you with their business.

Our bid writing services covers the complete bid lifecycle process. We’ll work with you to understand the tender, plan out a needs analysis, and begin storyboarding and generating win themes before producing a first draft.

BWS will review the bid with you and make amendments until both parties are satisfied to sign off. Our bid writing service also offers support with upload and submission and a full debrief.

Where do I start when writing bids?

Creating an outline

When writing a bid, the first step is to create an outline.

This should include sections for introduction, project overview, objectives, deliverables, timeline and budget, qualifications and experience of the bidder, and conclusion.

It is important to identify the specific requirements of the requestor so that these can be addressed in the proposal.


The next step is researching available funding sources or potential partners.

Understanding as much as possible about the requestor’s organisation and their needs will also help when writing a tailored proposal.

Research should also include gathering data related to similar projects completed in the past.

This can help provide evidence for proposed approaches and estimates for timeframes and costs associated with a project.


When putting together a bid, it is important to communicate how your organisation’s expertise and experience will enable them to meet its stated requirements.

This might mean including details of any specialised training or qualifications held by staff members who will be working on the project.

Additional Services

To demonstrate value for money, it can be helpful to outline any additional services or benefits you can offer beyond those stated in the initial request.

Additionally, outlining processes in place that ensure quality control over deliverables can be beneficial.

Familiarity with Legislation

Writing bids requires creativity while keeping within the confines of what is needed from both sides.

Showing knowledge of what they are asking while adding significant value due to your own organisation’s depth of expertise and experience and any additional value you may be able to provide.

To do this effectively, it’s important that you are familiar with all relevant legislation and regulations within the sector in which you are bidding for work – ensuring that whatever solution proposed is compliant with any applicable laws or standards.


Presentation matters – it needs to look professional; spelling mistakes or typos could cost your bid points if graded subjectively by an appointed panel – so proofreading carefully before submitting your final document is essential!

What is the process of writing bids?

The process of writing bids begins with client engagement, which involves reviewing tender documents and providing a quote for the service.

A Lead Bid Writer will be allocated to the task and introduced to the client.

This is followed by bid writing, which starts with a bid plan and project meeting between the Lead Bid Writer and the client.

During this process, a needs analysis is performed to determine what needs to be included in the bid and specific actions are agreed upon.

The Lead Bid Writer then produces storyboards that feature winning themes and unique selling points (USPs) that will make the bid stand out from other submissions.

Once written, a full strategic review is conducted in-house by directors who challenge themselves to make further improvements.

The bid will be further developed and enhanced until it satisfies our quality assurance measures before being sent to the client for approval.

Finally, once all parties are satisfied with the content of the bid, it can be signed off for submission.

Once submitted, a debrief is conducted where feedback from clients or reviewers can be discussed and used as a learning opportunity for future projects.

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