What is Involved in Bid Writing

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Who will work on my bid?

At BWS we have a specialist in-house team who will work on your bid and wholly understand what is involved in Bid Writing. We never outsource to freelancers as we have the expertise and capabilities within. We’re as proud of our reputation as you are of yours, so by keeping the work in-house we can guarantee the highest quality to our clients.

How much do you charge?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. We know this is an investment for you and you want to know the cost. We treat each bid as a unique project and as such we would need to talk to you in order to provide a price. We have the appetite and flexibility to work with you to formulate a cost that is feasible and manageable to you.

Are you registered with the APMP?

Yes, we hold corporate membership. We’re proud to represent APMP and our team are passionate about this industry and committed to continuous professional development.

Why should I choose BWS?

Because we understand bidding… we 100% get it! We understand what is involved in Bid Writing…

  • We know the importance of a strong bid; it’s the difference between growing your business and not.
  • We understand what ‘best in class’ looks like across a range of sectors and we know what Buyers want.
  • We provide that experienced, fresh pair of eyes and we’ll make sure you answer each question to the best standard possible.
  • We offer so much more than Writing. From our Bid Scanning to our industry best practice discussions, we have a diverse range of expertise in our business to help you grow your business.
  • We have 20+ years of experience in writing successful Tender Submissions and boast a blended win rate of 80%+
  • We have a range of clients from £1M – £350M+ turnover across multiple sectors including; Healthcare, Recruitment, Construction, Infrastructure, Facilities Management, Security, Civil Engineering, Not for Profit and more.