Bid & Tender Review Services

The bid writing process is a complex and thorough one. While you may have meticulous attention to detail, you may be too close and too involved with the submission to do an effective review. Through no fault of your own, you may miss vital elements and key information. This is where the bid review service comes in. It may sound silly but can you 100% say that you’ve actually answered the question?

Our Bid Review Process

There are a number of ways we can review your bid, depending on the level of detail you require and the timeframes involved.

  • Review and Comment

    This is the most basic level of service. BWS reviews your draft bid documents for compliance, response structure, unique selling points, and added value. We will provide comments and guidance to help you refine and improve your proposal or tender response. 

    This service is ideal if you need a professional set of eyes to ensure your bid is on the right track.

  • Review and Improve

    This is a much more in-depth level of service; we will review your draft, improve the written content, and manage the process through to completion. We will also collect additional information, rewrite portions of the bid, and develop themes to enhance your submission. We write and see hundreds of successful bids each year so we know what a winning bid looks like. 

    This level of service is perfect if you want more hands-on assistance to strengthen your bid.

What industries do we conduct bid reviews for?

At BWS, we work with all sectors and industries to help win contracts:

  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Construction
  • Dental
  • Facilities Management
  • Ground Maintenance
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Highways
  • Professional Services
  • Rail
  • Utilities
  • Waste Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT
  • Cyber Security
  • Logistics 
  • Transportation
  • Recycling
  • Civil Engineering
  • Legal

What is a Bid Review?

A critical part of the process, a bid review can be the difference between a winning bid vs a bid that gets pipped to the post. This review process ensures that the responses are answering the client’s needs and helps to identify the potential for success of the bid, including win themes, discriminators, key personnel, team members, and more. Any gaps or risks in the proposal are addressed during this stage. It may sound simple but the trick is in answering the actual question and not being guilty of telling the client what you think they have asked you. Sometimes a fresh pair of expert eyes is all you need.

Why choose BWS for your Bid Review?

We excel at Bid Reviewing for a number of reasons:

Analytical Expertise

Here at BWS, we pride ourselves on having a keen analytical eye; meaning we can dissect the content of your bid and provide expert viewpoints. This attention to detail allows us to identify areas of stretch and weakness within your bid, working to improve its overall quality from the inside out. We know what a winning bid looks like.

Interpretation of Key Themes

Part of our bid review service involves identifying and interpreting the key themes that should be present in your bid, to increase your chances of success. We know what reviewers are looking for, and ensure those elements are prominently featured throughout your submission. Is Social Value a weak point for you? This is a prime example of where we can add significant value and regularly score 100% on our responses.

Understanding Structure and Language

If effective bid writing were another language, BWS would be fluent. Not only do we understand all the terminology required for a successful submission, we also know how to present your proposal in a straightforward and compelling manner. Sometimes it’s just the nuances that make the differences.

Highlighting Merits

Our years of experience allows us to see exactly how your bid submission fulfils and goes beyond the brief, wasting no words whilst getting across the points it needs to. We focus on making it effortless for a panel to see the merits of awarding you their business. Our ultimate goal is to make your strengths and unique selling points stand out clearly.

Fast Turnaround

Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to the bidding process. Our bid reviewing process is thorough, but quick, and our feedback is presented in an easy-to-understand manner. This ensures you have ample time to make the necessary adjustments before bid submission.

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