Bid Review

What is Bid Review?

A bid review is a critical part of the bidding process, where bids from various vendors or contractors are evaluated to determine their responsiveness to the project requirements.

This review process ensures that the responses are answering the client’s needs and helps to identify the potential for success of the bid, including win themes, discriminators, key personnel, team members, and more. Any gaps or risks in the proposal are addressed during this stage.

A Senior Bid Manager typically performs the review, and may involve interviewing internal bid team staff and assessing the bid’s strengths and weaknesses.

The goal is to select a responsible contractor that offers the best possible work at the lowest possible cost. It is crucial to ensure fair competition among firms bidding for contracts.

This process can also involve a structured review of bid documents by experienced professionals to refine and improve them, enhancing the chances of winning the bid.

In case of any disputes, there are established processes to handle protests and determine whether a bid protest hearing is necessary.

What is our Bid Review Process?

Our Bid Review service can take many forms including:

  • Review and Comment

    This is the most basic level of service. BWS reviews your draft bid documents for compliance, response structure, unique selling points, and added value.

    They provide comments and guidance to help you refine and improve your proposal or tender response. This service is ideal if you need a professional set of eyes to ensure your bid is on the right track.

  • Review and Improve

    This is a more in-depth level of service. BWS reviews your draft, improves the written content, and manages the process through to completion.

    This involves collecting additional information, rewriting portions of the bid, and developing themes to enhance your submission. BWS’ service is perfect if you want more hands-on assistance to strengthen your bid.

  • Strategy, Review and Improve

    This is the most comprehensive level of service. BWS is involved from the beginning of the process, helping you strategize your bid.

    They work with you to agree on the storyboard, structures and win themes before the draft is developed. Because they’ve been involved from the start, less development work should be required when reviewing your submission’s content.

    This service is best if you want strategic guidance and comprehensive support throughout the entire bid process.

Why we Excel at Bid Review

BWS excels at bid reviews for several reasons:

  1. Analytical Expertise: BWS has a keen analytical eye, meaning they can dissect your bid content and provide expert viewpoints. This analytical skill allows them to identify areas of strength and weakness within your bid, thereby enhancing its overall quality.
  2. Interpretation of Key Themes: BWS is adept at interpreting the key themes that should be showcased in your bid to increase your chances of success. They understand what the reviewers are looking for and ensure those elements are prominently featured in your submission.
  3. Understanding of Structure and Language: The BWS team fully converses with the structure and language required for effective bid submission. They know how to present your proposal in a straightforward and compelling way.
  4. Highlighting Merits: BWS highlights how your submission fulfils and goes beyond the brief. They focus on making it effortless for a panel to see the merits of awarding you the business. Their goal is to make your strengths and unique selling points stand out clearly.
  5. Fast Turnaround: BWS understands that time is of the essence in the bidding process. They quickly review and provide feedback, ensuring you have ample time to make necessary adjustments before submission.

With these skills and abilities, BWS can significantly improve the quality of your bid, increasing your chances of winning the contract.

Why are bid reviews important?

Bid reviews are incredibly important in the bidding process for several reasons:

Quality Assurance

Bid reviews ensure that your proposal is of high quality, free from errors, and presents your company in the best possible light. They can help identify any areas of weakness or gaps in your proposal that need to be addressed.

Compliance Checks

A bid review ensures that your bid complies with all the requirements outlined by the client. Non-compliance with even a single requirement could lead to disqualification, so this check is essential.

Competitive Advantage

Reviewing your bid lets you identify unique selling points and added value that will set you apart from your competitors.

Risk Mitigation

A thorough bid review can help identify and mitigate potential risks in your proposal. This could be anything from financial to operational risks affecting project delivery.

Winning Strategy

A bid review helps establish the winning strategy by focusing on the strengths of your proposal and aligning it with the client’s needs.


Bid reviews can be cost-effective in the long run as they increase the chances of your bid’s success. This reduces the waste associated with submitting unsuccessful bids.

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