Bid Review

What is Bid Review?

If you’re in the position that you’ve completed a tender independently, but you require an expert viewpoint before submission, look to us.

What is our Bid Review Process?

Our Bid Review service can take many forms including:

  • Review and Comment

    This light touch service considers compliance, response structure, unique selling points and added value. At BWS we will review your draft documents and provide comments and guidance supporting you to improve your proposal or tender response.

  • Review and Improve

    A more in-depth review, we will study your draft, comment and improve the written content then manage through to completion. To support this, we would collect further information, re-write and develop themes to enhance your submission.

  • Strategy, Review and Improve

    A strategic option which will involve BWS from the beginning of the process, but allows you the option to draft your submission following our guidance. We’ll work with you to agree the storyboard, structures and win themes of the bid prior to the development of the draft. Because we’ve worked with you from the outset, when you’re ready for us to review the content of your submission, there should be less development work required.

Why we Excel at Bid Review

At BWS we have a keen analytical eye and can provide an expert viewpoint on your bid content. We are quick to interpret the key themes that should be showcased in your bid to increase your chances of success. And our team are fully conversant with the structure and language required to make your bid submission one which is straightforward, highlights the ways in which your submission fulfils the brief (and beyond) and makes it effortless for a panel to see the merits in awarding you the business.

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