Bid Writing

Bid Writing

What is Bid Writing?

Our bid writing service covers the complete bid lifecycle process. We’ll work with you to understand the tender, plan out a needs analysis and begin the process of storyboarding and generating win themes before producing a first draft. We’ll review the bid with you and make amendments until both parties are satisfied to sign off. Our bid writing service also offers support with upload and submission and a full debrief.   


What is our Bid Writing Process?

1. Client Engagement

We’ll review tender documents and provide a quote. A Lead Bid Writer will be allocated and introduced to you. They will be your direct contact point throughout the process.

2. Bid Writing

We’ll start with a bid plan and project meeting with you. A needs analysis will be performed and actions agreed. We’ll begin the process of storyboarding, generating winning themes and USPs. We’ll ask you to collate the required supporting information identified during the gap analysis stage. Bid writing will commence and first draft is produced.

3. Review and Quality Assurance

Once written, we’ll perform a full strategic Director-led review in-house during which time we’ll challenge ourselves to make further improvements. The bid will be further developed and enhanced until it satisfies our quality assurance measures, and then sent to you for approval.

4. Submission and Debrief

Once all parties are satisfied with the content of the bid, the bid will be signed off. We can support with upload and submission if required. A debrief will be scheduled.

Why we Excel at Bid Writing

Writing a bid from initial brief to completion is immensely satisfying. It enables you as the client to fully benefit from our years of expertise, our quality-assured strategic process and our unique insight. We excel because we fully understand the requirements of your business and the Buyer from the start, enabling us to develop a strategic approach to your bid submissions, which produces the best outcomes for our clients. 


“The quality of service from BWS has been superb. We asked for their support to write an important bid on our behalf and the results have been outstanding. BWS took us through a structured, logical approach which enabled us to harness our strengths and help us to understand how we stood out from the crowd. This resulted in a bid which was well-written and well-executed. We would definitely recommend.” JN Civils

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