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About BWS

As a Centre of Excellence for Bid Management, demonstrating best practice across the industry, we support our clients in the delivery of consistently high-quality bid and proposal submissions, presenting a compelling case which resonates with awarding panels and ensures our clients can grow new business and retain existing contracts.

Bid Writing Service will provide clients with a Bid Management and Writing service that is bespoke, flexible and is uniquely designed to meet specific needs. Our offering provides full Bid Management lifecycles, bid scanning, bid writing, and content production, to a lighter touch ‘Read, Review and Comment.’

Our Bid Management services are fully transparent and visible using the Teams shared platform and we will work as an extension of our client’s teams, providing our clients with 24/7 visibility and enabling you to remain in full control.

Our comprehensive quality assurance processes ensure the production of all bids and submissions are of the highest standards. This is driven by a highly defined bid management process to ensure that client KPI’s are met.

Why choose BWS?

Preparing a tender submission, bid or proposal can be very time consuming and requires a commitment to resources and a specific style and approach. This can be challenging for some businesses if they have never done it before or they do not have a dedicated internal resource to deliver this. As such, outsourced bid support services are becoming increasingly popular.

Clients benefit from a professional bid support service that is adaptable to any industry, based on Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) and Shipley UK best practice. These standards are the global benchmark for outstanding bid management.

Key Benefits include:

  • Built collateral for future tender responses
  • Ability to create a Bid Library
  • Quality responses, enhancing client reputation with the Buyer

Our Services

  • Full Bid Management

    This service includes full bid lifecycle support, including project management, collating, and reviewing all documentation from the buyer, planning the key stages of your bid using a comprehensive Bid Management Plan, helping guide you to identify win themes, storyboarding, reviewing your responses using the buyer’s criteria and our expertise, writing and review through to submission, and portal upload if required.

  • Bid Writing

    This service includes a dedicated writer providing content support, liaising with members of your bid team or subject matter experts to get specialist input to develop compelling content and writing, copy editing to highlight your strengths and show added value to the buyer, proof reading to improve readability, creation of charts and diagrams to include metrics to support written text, formatting and graphic design of your documents, any amends through to submission.

  • Bid Scanning

    This service includes a comprehensive scanning service of all available public sector opportunities that are relevant to your business. We can provide these as a simple list of all available opportunities or drill down further and qualify these for you to save you time.

  • Bid Library and Templates

    Supporting clients to create a Bid Library over a longer period or as a one-off ad-hoc project. We will work collaboratively with the client to build a platform that best suits their business needs and on completion ensures they have a comprehensive library of collateral that can be used for tender responses by their own teams.

  • Review and Comment Services

    If a business has completed a draft and is looking for an expert viewpoint, we can provide a bid review service which can take many forms including:

    Review and comment: is a lighter touch review and will examine compliance, response structure, unique selling points and added value. We will undertake a full review of all draft documents and provide comments and guidance on how our clients can improve their proposal or tender response.

    Review and improve: is the next step after review and comment. We will undertake compliance checks and carry out a full review and comment of the response. In addition, this service would then seek to improve the written content and manage the bid to completion. To support this, we would collect further information from the client, re-write and develop.

How is Bid Writing Service Different?

In a market where high quality, consistency and compliance is key, services provided by competitors are often designed as a ‘one size fits all’ model. BWS has learned that each client is unique and has various levels of knowledge and understanding of bidding and therefore our approach must be uniquely tailored to each client. We take time to understand your pain points and take the pressure of bidding away from you, so you can focus on developing your solution and win themes. We can be as hands on or as hands off as the client requires.

Our Clients

We support clients from a wide range of industries. Our cross-sector knowledge helps us stay ahead of the curve and provide innovative solutions to your challenges.

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