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What Makes Us Different

We understand how to win bids. 

As a centre of excellence for bid management support, we understand what it takes to create a compelling case which resonates with awarding panels and secures business for you. Our customer-centric service is organised, project managed and controlled through a quality assured process that is fully transparent to our clients.

Professional Expertise

With over 20 years’ experience in securing business wins for clients across the globe, and membership to APMP, the industry’s standards for best practice, you can be confident in the quality of our work. We understand how to deconstruct a brief and get to the heart of the core competencies that awarding panels look for. Our team are specialists at writing compelling content which both positively informs and influences bidding evaluation panels, driving a high bid success rate for our clients.

Our Approach

Our dedicated in-house team take the time to fully understand your business opportunity. We will be honest and open in our communications and will work as an extension of your organisation to provide a platform for success. 

We see collaboration as a crucial component of bid success. You understand your business and its capabilities best. We’ll learn more about you and fully explore your capabilities. As a fresh pair of eyes, we can offer a unique perspective and frequently expose competencies that may have been overlooked, providing further depth to your proposal. Having created a storyboard of success and developed winning themes, our team will then carefully craft a bid proposal which resonates with the intended audience.  

You’ll remain involved throughout as we’ll provide you with access to your exclusive client portal. This ensures transparency, maintains confidentiality, and facilitates comprehensive reporting and time tracking. Our portal also allows you to build and access a Bid Library unique to your organisation, enabling a quicker response to tender applications for the future. In selecting BWS to support your organisation to win business, you can rest assured that both your bid and business reputation are in safe hands.

Our Clients

We work with clients from a variety of sectors from across the globe.

Request an appointment to find out how we can help you to win bids.

Our Values

At BWS values matter. Integrity is key to our success. 

We understand that your business’ reputation is in our hands when we prepare bid documents on your behalf. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. That’s why our approach is collaborative and based upon mutual trust. We take the time to fully understand your organisation so that, in effect, we become an extension of your existing team. By gaining deep insight into the Buyer’s requirements, only then can we unlock the potential to explore in depth aspects of your business that could make the difference between bid success or failure.

We operate a fully governed process which is transparent and puts clients in control. Whenever you wish to review the progress of your bid submission, the information will be available to you through our unique client portal.

Our communications are honest and open and our approach is based upon industry best practice. We’re corporate members of the APMP, assuring you of the highest levels of quality and guaranteeing you peace of mind.

We are a business with strong ethical principles, and are part of the Barkers Family, an award-wining commercial services consultancy which has received accolades from the BiTC and CIPS for the social value delivered.


BWS Bid Writing Service is proud to be part of Barkers Commercial Services Limited, an established procurement consultancy based in the North West. Barkers, an award-winning company recognised for its dedication to delivering social value, provides procurement consultancy support to FTSE 250 clients.

BWS Bid Writing Service is part of Barkers Commercial Services Limited (registered company number 11285205).