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How Much Does a Bid Writing Service Cost?

Bid writing services are becoming increasingly popular as companies of all sizes look for ways to improve their chances of winning a tender.

This is due, in part, to the ever-increasing competitive nature of the market, the complexity of writing an ITT, and the need for businesses to stand out from the competition during the tendering process.

Bid writing services are perfectly placed to provide businesses with invaluable expertise and knowledge needed to create a winning bid.

These services are often staffed with highly experienced and highly educated professionals who understand the intricacies and nuances of submitting a winning bid and any bid writing costs involved.

Services (such as us at Bid Writing Service) provide extremely valuable advice, guidance, and support on how to:

  • Best structure a bid for the tender’s specific requirements
  • Use industry-specific and persuasive language to increase the chances of success
  • Showcase a business’s sought-after capabilities and unique selling points

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, bid writing services can help businesses like yours save time and money.

At Bid Writing Service, we are able to work efficiently and cost-effectively to strike the delicate balance between taking the majority of the ‘heavy lifting’ off your desk whilst allowing you ultimate control of the overall tender response content.

We understand SMEs; we understand that you have a business to run and that bid & tender writing can be a time-consuming and stressful process.

That’s why we have a range of services to allow you to choose the level of support required at a budget level of your choice.

Bid writing experts can be costly, with the average bid manager in the UK demanding a £50,000 annual salary.

By working with Bid Writing Service, you get direct access to a support network of specialists, experienced writers and business development specialists who know what it takes to construct a winning bid… at a fraction of bid writing costs!

With our specialist services, businesses can be confident they are submitting thorough bids that score highly against the evaluation criteria – significantly increasing their chance of winning lucrative and business-advancing contracts.

The Importance of Investing in a Quality Bid Writing Service

When it comes to bidding for contracts, having a well-crafted bid can make all the difference between success and failure.

Quality bid writing is not just about presenting information in an organised and coherent way – it is about conveying the right message effectively and persuasively.

Investing in the services of a professional bid writing service like ours can be a great way to significantly increase the chances of success for your bid.

The most important aspect of a successful bid is how it is written. A quality bid should be concise and to the point while also providing enough detail to demonstrate the competency of the company submitting the bid.

The way the bid is written can be just as important as the content. It may feel obvious but ask yourself:

  • ‘Have I answered the question?’
  • ‘Have I structured my response to make it as easy as possible for the person evaluating my bid?’
  • ‘Have I provided enough supporting evidence to convince, without doubt, that my bid should be successful?’

We at Bid Writing Service offer an extensive, thorough and bespoke approach to bid writing.

Each company we work with requires something different, and therefore, we like to spend as much time as possible getting to know you, your company, what you’re looking to achieve in the short and long-term, and the type of bids you’re interested in.

We offer a personal touch and are as invested as you are to make sure your bid is a success!

Bid Writing Tips

If you are looking to keep your bid writing costs under control while working with a bid writing service, there are several things you can do.

Firstly, be prepared to work collaboratively with us. Whether you are looking for end-to-end bid management, bid writing or a bid review service, working with us is essential.

We cannot write this bid without you, and you know your business better than us, after all!

Secondly, have all of your previous tender submission collateral (if you have any) ready to send to us.

This allows us to have a running start, not a standing start, and in turn, reduces the fees.

In an ideal world, you will have an existing bid library in place which offers the greatest reduction in all bid writing costs.

A bid library is a centralised, organised library of previous and existing tender collateral. If you are looking at submitting a number of tenders in the future and don’t have a bid library, we can help you get bid ready.

Lastly, choose to work with a bid writer who is transparent about their pricing. We offer a fixed fee with no hidden costs and attractive payment terms.

By following these steps, you can confidently begin to submit high-scoring tender submissions whilst keeping a lid on the costs.

So How Much Should You Expect to Pay For a Bid Writing Service?

Now then, without trying to sound evasive, this really does depend on the complexity of the ‘quality’ section of the tender documents.

If the tender response involves 3 x quality-based questions, all at 500 words, the costs will be minimal and most likely limited to 2-3 days of work.

If, however, there are 10+ questions, all requiring 1,000 words, this will most likely require anything from 1-2 weeks, with the cost being slightly greater.

As a rule of thumb, where a tender evaluation criteria is heavily weighted towards the quality element of the bid (60%+), the price for specialist bid writing support will increase, and vice versa.

Choose a bid writer that you trust, is transparent with their costs, and that has your best interests at heart.

Should You Invest in a Bid Writing Service?

Investing in quality bid writing services can be hugely beneficial for almost all businesses and organisations, helping to maximise their chances of winning the contract and moving the needle of their business.

Even the largest and most successful businesses, with huge teams of in-house bid writers, still see the value in working with Bid Writing Services.

We work with some of the largest companies in the UK, whereby they contract our services for our specialist bid review services.

The investment you make into your tender submissions are just that, an investment, not a ‘cost’.

You have found the perfect opportunity for your business; you are confident that you can win and deliver the project —  just make sure your written bid submission reflects that.

By investing a small amount into your bids, you will no doubt set yourself up for future success and growth of your business.

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